John-Cox-Life-Bermuda-portfolioCompiled after years of research, Life in Old Bermuda summons back long forgotten people who tell the stories of early life on an isolated island. Often described in vivid detail, these first-hand accounts weave together into a rich tapestry.  The hardships of sea captains, plagued by pirates and famine, yellow fever outbreaks and devastating hurricanes are all brought back to life here. The slow, dignified pace of those early days causes us to stop and reflect on our own lives as we read through the old letters and journals which are prominently featured throughout the book.

Life in Old Bermuda portrays a society which was close-knit and courageous, whose people knew little prosperity and depended almost entirely on their deep faith in God and on their age-old loyalties and beliefs.

“John Cox makes reading history fun. He takes you back through time with uncalculated ease.”

Dinah Darby, Late Editor of The Bermudian Magazine

Published 1998